Tell Minnesota lawmakers:


More Minnesotans die from opioid overdoses than car crashes. Over a five-year period, the number of opioid-related hospital visits doubled. Opioid addiction is destroying our families and communities.

While local law enforcement, hospitals and community service organizations are responding locally to the opioid crisis in their communities, huge pharmaceutical companies profit from the epidemic that they helped create. For years, these big drug companies have misinformed doctors and patients about opioids by marketing them as an effective pain treatment without risk for addiction. Enough is enough.

Now Republicans and Democrats are working together on a bipartisan solution that will prevent and treat opioid addiction in Minnesota communities. It requires big drug companies that manufacture and distribute opioids in Minnesota to pay for the damage they’ve done to our families and communities by paying a fee to fund treatment and prevention.

Tell your lawmaker to hold drug companies accountable and support a bipartisan solution to our state’s opioid crisis.